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Content Studio

represents our pillar of empowerment, which aims to provide high-quality, professional and targeted content solutions. 


Previously known as The Jakarta Post Publishing, our Content Studio remains committed to providing our clients with high-quality content solutions that best conveys their message, values, brand and activities. This time, though, we are expanding our offers to include product writing + design, content management, as well as the production of marketing collaterals. 


More than that, we also offer strategic services for our clients, which include social media planning and production, design guide/style and editorial guide/style for businesses looking to transform the way they engage their stakeholders.


Our team is made up of experienced writers, editors, content strategists, graphic designers and digital experts who are ready to serve you. 


Our process is divided into five simple steps: strategy – conceptualization – production – delivery – distribution. 


Our products are created on the back of excellent and transformative stories which possess the potential of not only reaching your target audience, but also compelling them to act. 


We work as a part of your team, and our goal is to deliver content services which elevate and highlight your brand, message and value as an organization.

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