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Client: HERO Supermarket

Year: 2019


To elevate HERO’s brand as an upscale supermarket in an increasingly competitive landscape using an attractive publication that not only appeals to their existing market, but also potential customers.


HERO’s brand has been around for over 40 years and it has maintained its position as the largest supermarket chain in Indonesia. The tightening competition among supermarket chains in the country means HERO not only has to boost its image and appeal to the upper market, but also increase its relevancy to its new target market.

Project background

The supermarket business has changed significantly over the years, mainly because our priorities are also changing. This means the supermarket needs to evolve and diversifies its offerings to more than just food, beverage, and household items. It needs to improve its layout and offers greater convenience for its target market.

Adamant to stay relevant, supermarket chains aimed to provide added value to its goods and services, with some beginning to feature products from around the world, e.g. Mexican tortillas, handmade sushi made by Japanese chefs, or fresh cheese from Switzerland (among others). They also offer fresh meat from neighboring countries, such as Australia; or salmon from Japan.

Nevertheless, more than just providing a great experience to its customers, supermarkets have also had to device new ways of communicating with its customers that goes beyond discounts and promotional pricing. In the age of social media and digital marketing, the need to stay close to one’s customers became a priority among many retail businesses — supermarkets notwithstanding.

As part of its communication strategy, HERO began to reach out to its customers both online and offline. A well-produced magazine that promotes its values as a company, as well as its products, became an integral part of the strategy.

What we do

When HERO asked us to redo its publication “Fresh Food Magazine” we knew we had to do more than just tinker with its design elements, but also offer content that is fresh, relevant and playful. We wanted the magazine to have an elegant feel to it without going over the top; hands-on editorial strategy that puts HERO at the heart of its customers’ choices; and a fresh look. We retained HERO’s mission to focus on wellness and an active lifestyle; and aside from the existing market, we also aimed for a new target market that includes millennials, travelers, as well as creative entrepreneurs.  We wanted the magazine to bring out the essence of a truly exciting lifestyle magazine, because at the end of the day we realized HERO is more than just a supermarket. It is a way of life.

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