The A team


Chief Creative Officer

“Everyone is right, and everyone is wrong — at some point.”

If I had a boat, I would name it…


My secret power …

I could finish my food at a normal pace in front of other people and, always, at the end of it, they’d say, “I didn’t see you eat.” It has become common theory that I eat with my eyes.


If I was a member of a traveling circus, my occupation would be…

Props master. I would be useless anywhere else.


How I can help you…
  • Oversee content and creative development to ensure they are consistent re: style, quality, tone and experience.

  • Map out content and creative strategy that support our clients’ requests and needs, both short-and-long terms, while determining the platform and methods that best suit the brand’s purpose.

  • Supervise all studios (Learning, Content and Creative) and be an arbiter of best practices in messaging and style.

  • Develop standards, systems and benchmark for content creation, distribution, maintenance, retrieval, repurposing, as well as the implementation of content strategies

  • Work closely with the clients on all learning, creative and communication initiatives to ensure consistency and quality in product delivery


If there was a war with giant, carnivorous mushrooms, I would last…

Exactly 2 seconds. The first second would be spent shrieking in horror; and the second, I’d be dead.


Learning Partner

“Learning is a never-ending process.”

If I had a boat, I would name it…

Blue Lady.


My secret power …

Perseverance. No matter what the world throws at me — I keep on going.


If I was a member of a traveling circus, my occupation would be…

Jump rope artist. I was very good at it back in elementary school.


How I can help you…
  • Direct and develop programs that best suit the clients’ needs in order to create the best learning experience within the allocated budget

  • Oversee the creation of content, learning materials, collateral and other training materials that are aligned with the knowledge-sharing strategy

  • Direct training and development processes to ensure each training maintains its quality and is beneficial for the participants; as well as provide on-boarding experiences for all trainers

  • Drive and develop new programs based on demand to stay ahead of competition and to ensure our studio continues to grow


If there was a war with giant, carnivorous mushrooms, I would last…

As long as I still have the means to fight them — which, hopefully, is until the end of time.


Content Partner

“Creativity can be obtained by letting our brains dance freely.”

If I had a boat, I would name it…

Sleeping Boaty.

My secret power …

It’s a secret. I’m not telling anyone about it.


If I was a member of a traveling circus, my occupation would be…

A happy and funny clown. Or, someone who manages the group.


How I can help you…
  • Oversee the development and optimization of the studio, including our creative team

  • Develop content strategies to help clients define their business narrative and corporate identity

  • Lead the creation of first-class content, along with production processes, which include data visualization, blog, website, print publications, digital books and videos (among others)

  • Oversee an integrated content strategy, including platform or channel selection, editorial structure so that every aspect of the strategy supports the clients’ business objectives

  • Consult clients on the best strategy to boost their content as well as their content availability and visibility; including, but not limited to, their key initiatives


If there was a war with giant, carnivorous mushrooms, I would last…

Depending on the size of the mushrooms, maybe around 0.6 seconds—because I may be seen as quite a “dish”. I doubt that the mushrooms are bigger than me, so banking on the fact that they are smaller than me, I would probably last … a week.

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