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The Rebels

Our team is small. We often partner with creative freelancers and external service providers to join selected projects. When we do work with external partners, it doesn't mean we are not in charge of the projects. In such cases, B/NDL Studios act as quality-controllers through our Product and Project Management Teams.


Of course, all of that is standard agency practice. But we want to be transparent about our work, our ways of working and how you can be sure you are in good hands.


Yes, all eighteen of us.

acith (c).jpg

Ade Citra R.


R&D Officer

bayu (c).jpg

Bayu Ariestya R.


Data & Business Analyst

Erika (c).JPG

Erika Alexandra


Project Manager

Lydia (c).jpg

Lydia Dewi S.


Sales Analyst

Mona (c).JPG

Mona Zehan


Customer Relations

Rara (c).jpeg

Rahma Maharani


Sr. Marketing Officer

Allen (c).JPG

Allendra Pratama


VP Business Development

Budhi (c).JPG

Budhi Button


Sr. Graphic Designer

Faizal (c).jpeg

Faizal Rahman


Sr. Graphic Designer

Maggie (c).JPG

Maggie Tiojakin


Chief Creative Officer

Nia (c).JPG

Nia Janiar



Bagas (c).JPG

Bagas Tutuko


Sr. Corporate Consultant

Endang (c).JPG

Endang Sriwardani


Product Manager

Fiona (c).jpg

Fiona Erlita


Training Coordinator

Mia (c).JPG

Mia Rubianti


Sr. Partnership Officer

Pangestu (c).JPG

Pangestu Raden


Sr. Experience Consultant

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