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Learning Studio

represents our education pillar,

which aims to provide high-quality, immersive and experiential learning experience for all individuals.


Previously known as The Jakarta Post Writing Center, our Learning Studio remains committed to teaching and sharing knowledge on writing and communication skills; except we are also expanding our offers to include other practical skills, such as courses in business strategy, humanities, pop-culture, as well as art + design.


Our trainers are experts in the field and practitioners with significant experiences participants will benefit from. They are individuals committed to their craft, who are also eager to share their stories and best practices in a classroom setting and beyond. 


Among some of our most exciting offers are courses in Business + Creative Writing, Comic Art, Book Publishing, Leadership Strategy, Powerful Storytelling, Design Thinking Process, Critical Reading and World Literature. 


We believe that at the heart of all great stories is a series of compelling experiences that resonate beyond the moment; and for this reason, our teaching method is tailored to accommodate our participants’ personal and professional experiences as part of the learning activity. 


We also believe the best teaching method is one where trainers and trainees exchange knowledge so that the learning process goes both ways, instead of one way. And we are strong proponents of placing participants in the center of discourse, rather than on the outskirts of a lecture.

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