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Looking deep into the ocean

The Archipelagic and Island States (AIS) Forum is a platform for all island states and archipelagic countries to come together and discuss pressing issues on environment and sustainability. Initiated in 2017, It includes a total of 47 countries who participate in a yearly forum. At the end of 2020, AIS Forum was preparing the 5th Senior Official Meeting (SOM) and 3rd Ministerial Meeting (MM) and needed a range of social media content to raise awareness about AIS Forum’s programs and initiatives.

We created content strategy to capture LMICs hero journey. We used storytelling in narrative and visual, turning data into meaningful piece.

Its theme was: “Fostering Solidarity Between AIS - Towards A Sustainable Ocean Future”, which focused on:

  • Sustainable Ocean Development.

  • Blue Economy Strategic Development

  • Blue Digital Connectivity

  • Ocean Sustainability Investment

Since much of AIS Forum’s focus and program are crossing economic, social, political, and environmental disciplines, the content needs to appeal to a range of audiences, from government, non-profits, to AIS Forum partners, and its country members.

Much of the ocean is unknown. To strike a sense of wonder and awe, B/NDL Studios used striking imagery and chose a color said to be one of the most pleasing colors to humans’ eyes: blue. Hence, our content strategy is titled: Shades of Blue.

The ocean is a mysterious world. Our content strategy highlights wondrous little-known facts using photographs from wildlife media and in an editorial style similar to National Geographic or BBC Earth. We emphasized this sense of wonder in each caption and ended each with a clear call to action. Through the social media campaign, we hope to instill curiosity, spark imagination, and get things rolling.

The social media campaign was held across different platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn, with a total post of 176 pieces of content across platforms.

Find our pitch to AIS Forum below.


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