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Client: Ministry of Foreign Affairs of The Republic of Indonesia

Year: 2019



To raise the profile of West Papua as an investment-friendly province with thriving cultural activities and various growth opportunities through the publication of an appealing coffee table book.



For many years, West Papua’s image as a conflict area has led investors and potential investors to either flee or stay away from the region. Yet for divers and tourists, it remains one of the most interesting and must-visit destinations in the world. How can we avoid political issues that bind the region when we talk about West Papua?


Project background

Each year, the regional government of West Papua publishes a coffee-table book with hopes of raising its profile both on the national and international scenes. Tourism rate in the region has soared some 300% percent in the last couple of years — with more means to travel to the region made available and affordable for the curious public. Travel sites like Raja Ampat and Manokwari are making more and more headlines in international travel publications as more travelers opt to spend their holidays there.

Nevertheless, political tensions in the region often leave its residents and visitors more than just a little edgy; and in the absence of ground-breaking solutions or dialog between government officials and the people of West Papua, it is unlikely that the region’s image could change.


What we do

Our principle is that if you can’t change a story, tell a different one. When we thought of how we could help raise West Papua’s profile in this book, we thought of all the things we love about the region, the people, its culture and how most of the time opportunities are born out of love. Using various elements of design, text and content — we put together a collection of stories on West Papua. Those stories are then framed specifically to debunk the myth that West Papuans are hot-blooded warriors always on the lookout for the next battle; or that it’s too dangerous to invest in. The result is a coffee table book that highlights some of the region’s best shots and most colorful stories built out of strong cultural values.

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